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Posted on 06.06.2006 at 09:24
So i just finished my last essay of my undergraduate career.

All that's left is one day of review tomorrow, one final friday, one final saturday, and I am officially done being an undergrad.

So, since commencement is optional, I'll be an alumna on Saturday at 10am.


now i need to shower and get to davis to turn in this paper by 11am

Posted on 06.01.2006 at 12:20
Sandi and Chris are moving back to Vacaville today!!!

I get to see cute little kids sing in their end of the year program tonight!!!



My Puppy, Paco :)

Posted on 05.22.2006 at 03:40
Current Location: my bedroom
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So, I got a new puppy. We'll forget the fact that my dad bought, named, takes care of, and houses my puppy. I was/am a deprived child. He's still adorable ♥

I explained to my dad that the "my puppy" situation is like this:
It's sort of like when a celebrity has a kid. Sure, it's their kid, but who really takes care of the kid? The Nanny. Therefore, it is my puppy and my dad is Paco's nanny.

On to the picturesCollapse )

And I get to meet him on Saturday!



Posted on 05.09.2006 at 10:10
I'm Feeling: chipperchipper
finished my essay at 9:45am due at 11am in davis.
leaving soon.

to go in my college career:

enl 149: one essay, one final
enl 147: one essay, one final
his 102m: two essays.

i can almost taste it.


December 9th :)

Posted on 04.07.2006 at 11:53
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Go to Wikipedia and look up your birth day (excluding the year). List one death, two births, and three neat facts in your journal, including the year.

1984 (the year I was born) - Nicholas "Razzle" Dingley, British drummer (Hanoi Rocks) (b. 1960)

1579 - Martin de Porres, Peruvian saint (d. 1639)
1972 - Tre Cool (Frank Edwin Wright III), German-born American drummer (Green Day)

Three facts:
1531 - First apparition of the Virgin Mary (Our Lady of Guadalupe) to Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on Tepeyac Hill

1824 - Battle of Ayacucho: Peruvian nationalists led by Antonio José de Sucre defeat Spanish colonial forces and secure the independence of Peru. (My birthday is Peruvian Independence Day!?!)

1946 - The "Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals" began with the "Doctors' Trial", prosecuting doctors alleged to be involved in human experimentation.

english yay

they say you're pretty but you don't think they're right...

Posted on 04.05.2006 at 08:15
Current Location: my bedroom?
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Listening To: Against Me! - Pints of Guinness Make You Strong
So, the sun came out today! It was wonderful. Despite being very tired, it definitely lightened my mood. Now all I need is about 6 months of it to counteract all this rain and I'll be set. :)

I keep falling asleep in my 12:10 class because I have been getting up at 4am for work. I feel bad because I really like the teacher. I simply can not keep my eyes open. My notes look really funny though.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 44 today. Yay Dad! (Too bad I've called him twice and he isn't answering his phone.)

I'm making lasagna. I would like to note that oven mitts are far superior to pot holders.

I have decided that one day I will get a maroon & gold Nemo.

I love this.

P.S. Bask in the glory that is my icon.


Spring Break

Posted on 03.29.2006 at 05:27
I'm Feeling: coldcold
Listening To: yellowcard♥miles apart
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Spring Break- with pictures!Collapse )
That was my Spring Break. It was loverly.


It is Finished.

Posted on 03.22.2006 at 10:02
I'm Feeling: happyhappy
Listening To: kevin max ♥ on and on
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This is the end of another quarter. As always, I put all of my notes and papers together in their own little predetermined sections, closed the notebook/binder, and wrote on the cover in sharpie what quarter and classes were held within. Tucked safely away in one of my bookshelves are a quarter's worth of books, some read, some not, alongside those from previous quarters and years. And there is an overwhelming sense of completion. Everything has come full circle: the books I bought not a dozen weeks ago join their predecessors and the notebooks once completely empty are now full of information and lecture inspired artwork. As I left my last final, I stopped to purchase my books for next quarter. And the cycle begins again.



and then there was one...

Posted on 03.19.2006 at 09:30
I'm Feeling: sadsad
Squishy the snake

You were a slightly imbalanced but loveable little snake. :(



Posted on 03.09.2006 at 11:21
I'm Feeling: exhaustedexhausted
I just finished my last essay of the quarter. Turning it in at 10am.
All that's left is finals. Bring it on.

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