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Good for the Soul

Posted on 01.23.2007 at 06:47
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Just a few pictures I took ( and I took like 40 something...) on the drive that Sandi and I went on after I got off work yesterday... I love living so close to places as beautiful as these.

2007_01_22 004

2007_01_22 010

2007_01_22 011

2007_01_22 037

2007_01_22 046



Posted on 11.23.2006 at 12:42
Things that I am thankful for this year:

My family
My mom, who is one of my very best friends and understands me even when I don't make any sense. Who feeds me and does my laundry (even though I can do it myself) and listens to my nonsensical ramblings when I need someone most.

My dad, who even though he lives far away makes the effort to come see me, even if its just for a day. He's also my PuppyNanny :)

My brother, who even though he makes fun of the way that I talk and calls me a midget constantly, is one of my best friends and has been there my whole life to teach me everything he knows.

Gram and Grandpa Tom, who have helped to raise me and are a constant blessing and influence in my life.

My Florida and So.Cal families, who I love dearly and don't see nearly enough but when we do get together, it's like we never left.

My friends
My best friend, Sandi, who is insane and I love dearly. She understands the necessity of red bras for the holidays and that a dog wearing a yarmulke can make me smile. Our adventures are legendary and the best is yet to come.

Chris and Nikki, my extended family, who I love so much. We have great times and great talks and they've helped me through a lot, both by talking me through it and making me smile when I don't want to.

My co-workers, who make the job so much easier to do. They keep me laughing constantly.

My job. My car. Tacos. Good books. Sunny days. Good music. Bubble baths. Blankets. HOCKEY. French fries. Potatoes in general. The beach. Driving. Sweatshirts. Having my degree.

...and more!

Posted on 09.07.2006 at 12:21
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"No man is a failure who is enjoying life."
-William Feather


Family Pictures

Posted on 08.18.2006 at 09:34
I was scanning some photos for a collage that I'm making and thought I'd put some of the good old ones on here. I love my family :)

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Fallony Goodness

Posted on 08.13.2006 at 11:33
Mom and I went out to Fallon for the weekend and here are a few pictures of the trip...I'm too tired to go into lots of detail, but a good time was had by all.
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Viva the Road Trip

Posted on 07.30.2006 at 10:59
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Road Trip to Fallon with Sandi from Friday-Sunday. Went to see Dad, Holly, and Ashlyn (Nick was in Utah) and the puppies- Paco and Caddy. A good time was had by all :)
Quick Recap:
Friday- Get to Fallon around 8. Tour of the city. Ate dinner at The Wok, where Ashlyn works, and ate the world's best chow mein. Best noodles EVER. Plus some sake and coconut ice cream, oh yes. Back to the house for some star gazing and seeing like 20 shooting stars. And naming Paco's future offspring and future wife. Then talking to Dad until 4am.

Saturday- Slept until 10:30. Coffee and talking for a couple hours with Holly while Dad was at work. Food. Getting ready. Trip to Sand Mountain (aka the Sahara) and the Pony Express landmark. Drive up to a hill in the middle of nowhere and enjoy a desert sunset with a barbecue and some fun. Back to the house and watched Se7en and Emperor's New Groove.

Sunday- Wake up around noon. Eat yummy food. Hang out around the house with Dad, Holly, and the puppies. Watch Kingdom of Heaven. Head home.

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Shake dem dreads

Posted on 07.09.2006 at 11:11
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Stunna Shades

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CD shaking his melons?

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Making amazing steak stirfry for dinner (gangsta style)



Posted on 06.22.2006 at 08:08
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And the funny part is, it's true.

Posted on 06.13.2006 at 06:11
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the clouds parted and the angels sang hallelujah

Posted on 06.10.2006 at 09:26


alumni status? yeah, i think so. :)

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